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You can bookmark any favorite Dapp Sites, and interact safely by using your HB Wallet Browser. This method is more secure than using an independent browser. 


You can browse any Dapps and sign in within 3 seconds right on your HB Wallet.


Browsing within HB Wallet is more secure than using an independent browser, as it contains no 3rd party plugin.


HB Wallet Browser exists on both PC and mobile versions, so you basically can browse a web from anywhere across your devices.

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WHAT IS dapp browser?

Dapp Browser exists to enable users to experience Dapps in a full and complete way, as most of them are web-based, which include Dapp Games and DeFi apps. 

Login into Dapps is also quite different from regular websites. It would require users to use an Ethereum Wallet to sign in. Hence, there is a risk of being spied by 3rd party plugin on regular browsers.

HB Wallet Dapp Browser was designed with no 3rd party plugin and no history record. All user needs to do is to click 'Sign' to start a Dapps. There is no KYC, or no need to insert the Private Key. This assures the highest security while browsing Dapps for users.

TRY hb wallet dapp browser NOW!

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