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Grab Token


HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet that enables users to receive Airdrop and Gacha Drop directly without hassle, in a few simple steps.

Grab Token Details

What's Grab Token?

Grab Token is a feature that enables users to receive FREE Airdrops of ERC-20 Tokens directly on HB Wallet without any registration. This amazing function also provides Gacha Drop, where users can obtain FREE NFT (ERC-721 Tokens) almost everyday.

How to launch an Airdrop on HB Wallet?

To launch an Airdrop on HB Wallet, please find the instruction on the page 'Launch an Airdrop'.

What's Gacha Drop?

Gacha Drop is a game that enables users to request a random gift once everyday on HB Wallet FOR FREE. Users will have a chance to win their favorite Game Items (ERC-721) or Ethers. 

About Nagemon Gacha Drop

Nagemon Gacha Drop is the very first version of HB Gacha Drop. This is a cooperation between HB Wallet and

In this game, users will have one chance to request a random gift everyday FOR FREE. The game does not require any fees, but Gas Fee to play. Winners can obtain Monster Fossil Tickets and Ethers for FREE

Nagemon Machine

What's Nagemon Monster Fossil?

Monster Fossil

Monster Fossil is a game ticket of With every Monster Fossil, users will have one turn to operate Nagemon Machine. At the end, users can win a Game Item from a Dapp Game in the ERC-721 format. It can be items from any games like Cryptokitties, Ethermon, or Blockchain Cuties, etc.

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