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host an airdrop

HB Wallet now officially supports you to host your own Airdrop campaign automatically. You can launch a regular Airdrop campaign for ERC-20 Tokens, or a Gacha campaign for ERC-721 Tokens (NFT Assets). HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet on all over the world to provide this feature.

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HB Wallet is recognized as the most favorite Ethereum Wallet in Japan. It stays on top of App Store, Play Store and most Search Engines when you search for Ethereum Wallet in Japan.


Number of Total Downloads (iOS, Android, APKMac, and Windows) from July 17, 2017 to January 09, 2020.


Number of Total Active Users within HB Wallet on January 09, 2020. 


airdrop event for erc-20 token

You can host your own Airdrop event in a few simple steps. HB Wallet will create a Smart Contract automatically, so you don't have to worry about any technical issues. Everything you need to do is to submit an application on our system. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to HB Wallet Desktop Mac or Windows

  2. Click the tab 'Grab Token'

  3. Click 'Apply for Airdrop'

  4. Fill in the form, then click 'Apply'

  5. A Smart Contract will be generated by HB Wallet system

  6. Send your Airdropped Tokens to the given Smart Contract

  7. A button 'My Airdrops' will appear in 24 hours on the left of the 'Apply for Airdrop' button. This is where you can check the status of your Airdrop campaign and withdraw the leftover tokens.


(*) Note: You will need to pay as low as $20 USD by using ETH for the Airdrop service, or you only need to pay $10 USD by using HBWALLET.


gacha drop

for erc-721 token (NFT assets)

This is a great way to increase the awareness of a Dapp Game, or a special Dapp. Here is how it works:

  1. You can contact HB Wallet team for a Gacha Event at:

  2. We will provide all the details and a Smart Contract, so you can send your rewards (NFT, Ethers, or Token) to that Smart Contract.

  3. Everyday, each user will have one chance to request for a Gacha Drop. They might or might not win a reward (based on our designed probability), but it's FREE to play, and users don't have to pay for any fees, except for the Gas Fees.

  4. You can design a task for them to get a code. After they finish your task, they can obtain your code then insert on HB Wallet before joining your Gacha Drop Event.

(*) HB Wallet is the first Ethereum Wallet to provide this feature for NFT (ERC-721 Tokens).

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