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Gacha Drop Schedule

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We will update the schedule of Gacha Drop frequently in this article:

Gacha Drop

1. Nagemon: Available

(1st Prize: 1 ETH)

2. Zenism: Available - renewed

(1st Prize: ¥ 5,000 yen - Amazon Gift Card)

3. MLB Champions: Available

(1st Prize: Masahiro Tanaka ~ 0.5 ETH)

4. DOSANCOIN Airdrop: End

5. Flowerpatch: End

(1st Prize: 1 ETH)

6. Crypto Motors: End

(1st Prize: SUV ~ 0.5 ETH)

7. Gods Unchained: End

(1st Prize: Locusta, Solution Expert ~ 1 ETH)

8. Cryptant Crab: End

(1st Prize: Crab # 775 ~ 0.5 ETH)

9. Chibi Fighters: End

(1st Prize: Super Chibi ~ 0.3 ETH)

Join Gacha Drop Today on HB Wallet iOS or HB Wallet Android

More information: hb-wallet.com/gacha

NEXT: Much more fun with HB Wallet Mobile Version 3.3.1

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