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Important Updates on HB Wallet 3.3.7

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

HB Wallet version 3.3.7 is now released on App Store and Play Store. It has been improved in performance and updated in UI.

HB Wallet Version 3.3.7
HB Wallet Version 3.3.7

1. The new 'Menu'

As reported by our R&D Team, the Menu in version 3.3.5 is quite hard to find and quite inconvenient for most users. Hence, we have decided to change the button from 'Swap Main Cards' to Menu. It means the Menu will stay on the Main Screen from now on.

HB Wallet Menu
HB Wallet Menu

We also remove the 'News' section and 'View Coin' on Token Card section.

2. Swap Main Accounts

For swapping main accounts, you can find the feature on top of the Menu button. From there, you can swap to other main accounts, or you can add a new ETH account to your wallet.

HB Wallet Swap Account 3.3.7
HB Wallet Swap Account 3.3.7

3. Encounter an error when updating with Android versions lower than 9.0

Due to a new regulation of Play Store, HB Wallet is required to allow updates for Android devices from 9.0 and above only, as Google is about to launch the AndroidX.

Therefore, if you're using an Android version that lower than 9.0. You might encounter an issue that claims your device is incompatible with this version 3.3.7 of HB Wallet.

Encounter an error with Android lower than 9.0
Encounter an error with Android lower than 9.0

(*) Here is a solution:

1) Please record all Private Keys and Passphrase, then save them in multiple secured places.

2) Uninstall the current version of HB Wallet on your devices. (*) Please make sure that you record all Private Keys and Passphrase before uninstalling, there is no way to recover your accounts if you lose them!

3) Download the APK from Once the APK file is in your device, please click 'install' then wait for a few minutes.

4) Please open HB Wallet that installed from the APK file, then insert your Passphrase.

4. Kyber Swap & CDP Portal

Those are new features that integrated from HB Wallet version 3.3.5. You can access them by clicking on the Main Card.

New Features of HB Wallet
New Features of HB Wallet

4.1. Kyber Swap

Kyber Swap is a feature that allows you to swap from ETH to other Tokens and vice versa.

Kyber Swap on HB Wallet
Kyber Swap on HB Wallet

The default setting is from ETH to DAI, but you can choose up to 67 tokens according to this list:

1) ETH

2) Ethereum WETH

3) Wrapped Ether KNC

4) KyberNetwork SNT

5) Status DAI


7) OmiseGO ELF

8) Aelf MANA

9) Mana POWR

10) Power Ledger BAT

11) Basic Attention Token REQ

12) Request RDN

13) Raiden ENG

14) Enigma APPC

15) AppCoins BQX

16) Ethos AST

17) AirSwap LINK

18) Chain Link DGX

19) Digix Gold Token STORM

20) Storm IOST

21) IOStoken ABT

22) ArcBlock ENJ

23) Enjin Coin BLZ

24) Bluzelle POLY

25) Polymath LBA

26) Cred CVC

27) Civic POE

28) PAY

29) TenX DTA

30) Data BNT

31) Bancor TUSD

32) TrueUSD LEND

33) EthLend MOC

34) Moss Land MTL

35) Metal REP

36) Augur ZRX

37) 0x Protocol REN

38) Republic DAT

39) Datum QKC

40) QuarkChain MKR

41) Maker EKO

42) EchoLink OST

43) Open Simple Token PT

44) Promotion Token ABYSS


46) Melon Token WBTC

47) Wrapped BTC USDC

48) USD Coin EURS


50) CoinDash MCO

51) Monaco PAX

52) Paxos Standard GEN

53) DAOStack LRC

54) Loopring RLC

55) iExec RLC NPXS

56) Pundi X GNO

57) Gnosis MYB

58) MyBit SPN

59) Sapien Network EQUAD

60) Quadrant Protocol UPP

61) Sentinel Protocol CND

62) Cindicator BAM

63) Bamboo SNX

64) Synthetix Network BTU

65) BTU Protocol TKN

66) Monolith USDT

67) Tether USD

To swap from a token to ETH, please choose a Token Card that you want then swap.

Swap from Token to ETH
Swap from Token to ETH

4.2. CDP Portal

This portal is developed by Maker Dao. It is where you can put your ETH to a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) to get DAI securely via HB Wallet without any request to sign in.

CDP Portal
CDP Portal

It means you borrow DAI from this portal and set your ETH as a collateral at a certain interest rate. By then, you can use the borrowed DAI to invest in upcoming opportunities.

You can get your ETH back by returning the borrowed DAI (the exact amount that your borrowed) + a small amount of interest to the CDP Portal.

For more details, please read this article: How DAI Stablecoin works?

5. Compound is actually a lending platform, where you lend your DAI or some other Crypto Assets to earn interest. You can access this feature by clicking on the DAI token card.

First, you can add the DAI token card from the 'Search Token' screen:

Add DAI to HB Wallet
Add DAI to HB Wallet

Second, you can access the Compound feature from the DAI Token Card.

Compound on HB Wallet
Compound on HB Wallet

From here, you can start to lend your DAI, then get an interest, or you can borrow more DAI to invest in other opportunities.

6. Gacha is back!

Yes, Gacha is back now. The Gas fee issue is now solved. It will automatically adjust based on current gas fee of the network. We hope you would enjoy this feature again. Of course, more NFTs are coming, please stay tuned!

Gacha Drop
Gacha Drop

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