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Play and monetize Crypt-oink with HB Wallet (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Crypt-oink is a Dapp game where users can buy, breed and sell unique creatures called Crypton that reside within the Ethereum blockchain.

How To Play And Monetize Your Cryptokitties On HB Wallet

Etheremon: How to play and monetize on HB Wallet!

Download HB Wallet: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows


Setting up the game



Creating an 'owner' account

Getting FREE Cryptons

Crypton Stats









Skill Fire Rate


Star Dash

EX Legacy

Crypton Attributes





How to purchase Cryptons?

What is Siring?

What is Breeding?

How to sell Cryptons?

Via HB NFT Marketplace

Via User Shop

Play and monetize Crypt-oink with HB Wallet: Getting Started (Pt.1)

Following the lead of Cryptokitties, Crypt-oink is a Dapp Game that allows players to buy, breed and train their digital pigs known as 'Cryptons' to compete with others in the 'Gran Ton Rismo' race.

Each of Cryptons as an ERC-721 token, acquires different features that makes them unique and has distinct characteristics. On top of that, they look absolutely cute, huggable and the animations are stunning!

Depending upon their scarcity and special characteristics, players can sell them to earn profits.

Setting up the game

Crypt-oink can be played on both HB Wallet desktop and mobile app.

After installing HB Wallet, you can access Crypt-oink as the following steps:


Go to 'Dapp' feature and select 'CRYPT-OINK' from the games catalog or search it by name.

Crypt-oink on HB Wallet Desktop


Go to ‘NFT Market’ then tap on the ‘Games’ icon from the top menu. Select 'CRYPT-OINK' from the catalog or search it by name.

Crypt-oink on HB Wallet mobile app

Creating an 'owner' account

Press ‘Play Now’ on the welcome page to start!

Play Now!

You will need to authenticate your HB Wallet app with Crypt-oink, click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

'Yes' to authenticate your wallet with Crypt-oink

It's time to meet your first Cryptons!

Getting FREE Cryptons

What is the better way to kick things off than getting a FREE Cryptons?

After signing in, you will get to pick up one of three free 'Eggtons' gifted by the game publisher. Simply select your favorite one and bring it home.

Choose your free Crypton!

Eggton is a Crypton itself, but do keep in mind that:

  • Eggtons are unavailable for breeding and user trading, and can only be used in races.

  • Eggtons have a limited selection of items.

  • Eggtons are represented by an 'egg' icon displayed on their picture.

Aggie is an Eggton

Before diving further into the world of Cryptons and becoming a ‘Crypton’ owner yourself, it’s worth getting to know some basics about these special and cute creatures.

Crypton stats


Determines the current level of a crypton. Higher level means higher abilities and talents. You can increase your crypton’s TP by training.

This Crypton's TP will be calculated once it has been registered in Gran Ton Rismo.

The word Gran Ton Rismo is inspired by Gran Turismo racing (Italian) in which drivers race sport cars around purpose-built circuits, and closed street circuits. In Gran Ton Rismo, Gryptons race against others.



This figure represents the innate abilities and strengths of a Crypton. It cannot be changed by any means. Cryptons with high potential figures usually appear with more marks/icons on their bodies.

A Crypton with high potential


A crypto’s age can say its progress through life. Once going through a training, your Crypton will age one more month. After racing, its age will increase by two months. Each age has an upper limit on how much a Crypton can raise it stats (stat ceiling).

As a Crypton ages, its stat ceiling will raise which allows the Crypton to progress further in ability. At the age of 8, a Crypton can reach its ultimate ability. This age is also considered the peak of a Crypton life. Once a Crypton has passed this peak, its stat ceiling will slowly decrease as well as its potential. Cryptons may no longer be trained to increase their stats at the age of tenth.

Crypton's Age


Depending on the amount of Coink (an in-game currency), Cryptons are divided into 4 different leagues:

  • Rookie: Starting League

  • Semi-Pro: 1,000-2,599 Coink

  • Pro: 2,600+ Coink

  • Veteran: 10-year-old Cryptons

Coinks are in-game coins which are used to buy in-game items, such as energy milk, gym membership or 'soul' to give your Cryptons an edge on the Race track.

In-game items can be used on Cryptons to give them an edge on Race tracks

Coink prices are updated regularly. Players can purchase Coinks by using Ether or trading their Cryptons. 500 Coinks will also be given to each player everyday as a daily bonus. Coinks are as well rewarded to Cryptons after they attend in Weekly, Monthly or Seasonal races.

Players can purchase Coinks via ETH

By the age of tenth, Cryptons will be assigned into the Veteran league and will no longer be able to train in the Gym. Cryptons will receive bonuses to their training efficiency up to their current league. This will help them gain better results at training.


Energy enables the ability of a Crypton. Whenever a Cryton gets evolved in a training session or racing, some Energy will be used which will reduce the total Energy it reserves.

One Energy will be restored every minute, once your Crypton is resting.

Energy will be used which will reduce the total Energy it reserves


Speed helps a Crypton run faster in most cases within a race. The more stars a Crypton has achieved to a certain stat, the easier it is to train.


Power increases a Crypton’s speed during curves. The more stars a Crypton has achieved to a certain stat, the easier it is to train.


Stamina helps a Crypton run faster in the last areas of a race. The more stars a Cryton has achieved to a certain stat, the easier it is to train.

Speed, Power and Stamina Stats

Skill Fire Rate

A Skill Fire Rate determines the likelihood that a Crypton's Skills will actually go off when their conditions are met. Even if you have a rather powerful ‘Skill’, it will be harder to reap its benefits while it has a low Firing Rate.

Skill Fire Rate

Cryptons with high Skill Fire Rates are born from parents who also have high Skill Fire Rates and short Cooltimes.

Keep in mind that it is also possible to raise your Crypton’s Skill Fire Rate after birth as well.


Any Crypton that wears a head, body or foot accessory will have a skill related to that accessory. When a skill’s conditions are met during a race, it will have a chance to occur depending on its Skill Fire Rate. Some skills are extremely uncommon and not every Crypton obtains a skill. Skills are a huge part of Gran Ton Rismo and will play a large role in who wins and loses races.

Body Accs: There is a total of 14 body accessories. Some help lower the speed of a random rival Crypton (Blast of O2, Sonar, Oak Aged, Breaking the Bank). Some will knock back two rival Cryptons in a race (Sweet and Deadly) while some help Crypton gain a shield for 25 secs blocking up to two attacks (The Queen’s Guard).

Head Accs: There are 12 types of head accessories. Some help gain a boost to the speed of a Crypton (Magician’s Hat, Winter’s Dash) while some gain a boost to its stamina or power (Bull Rush, Charge).

Foot Accs: Foot accessories will help increase your Crypton’s speed (Running Shoes, Skate’n Go) or power (Running Cute, Star Power) or stamina (Rain Boots, Staying Stylish).

Any accessory comes with a related skill.

Special and Unique Cryptons inherit these skills regardless of their Head Accs, Body Accs and Foot Accs traits.

Special and Unique Cryptons inherit skills regardless of accessories

Start Dash

Start dash is a small boost that occurs when a race’ start buzzer goes off. Gen 0 Cryptons inherently have these dashes. Higher generation Cryptons will have a smaller chance of having a start dash occurred.

EX Legacy

EX Legacies are special buffs that can be acquired throughout a Crypton’s life and can be passed on to their offspring. EX Legacies will be rewarded to Cryptons once they win 1st place in a race or accomplish other types of achievements. Cryptons will receive bonuses to their stats and other abilities based on each Legacy’s effect. The shorter a Crypton's Cooltime is, the greater possibility they have to pass on these legacies.

EX Legacies

Crypton Attributes


A Crypton's traits determine its shape, pattern, and color. Next to every trait tag is a mark which represents the ratio of all Cryptons that have that same specific trait. When other Cryptons are born carrying that specific trait, this ratio will increase automatically.

Next to every trait tag is a ratio mark


There are a total of three official Crypton types:

Normal: Under this type a Crypton's traits will be depicted on the Crypton's body in accordance with its genes.

Special: Under this type a Crypton will exhibit special traits upon its body. Special Cryptons can be created through breeding.

A Crypton with special trait 'ALIS Oink'

Unique: Unique Cryptons are dropped into the game on special occasions by the game publisher. These Cryptons cannot be created through breeding and demonstrate unique traits upon their body.

A Crypton with unique trait 'AxTonRed'


A crypton's generation. Higher-generation Cryptons will be born with higher Cooltime. However, these Cryptons have more possibilities to create offspring with rare traits than the lower-generation counterpart.


Cooltime is the amount of time a Crypton need to rest before it can breed again. The cooltime period gets longer each time it breeds.

Cooltime period

How to purchase Cryptons?

Make sure to load your HB Wallet with some Ethers before purchasing. You can always find Cryptons that are up for sale in the HB Marketplace.

To enter the market, click on the 'Market' icon as shown below.

Click the 'Market' icon to enter HB NFT Market

All NFT assets that are up for sale from any Dapp Games can be found in this marketplace. Regarding this matter, users are able to view and buy different types of assets in one place without having to switch between games.

HB NFT Market

HB Wallet is also the first Ethereum Wallet to form up an entire built-in NFT Market with most essential functions for trading in Dapps.

Select 'Cryto-Oink' in the list of Dapp Games to view Cryptons only.

Select 'Crypt-oink' from the list

Then click on the Cryton you adore from the catalog or sort them out by price.

Click on the Cryton you adore to buy!

To buy the Cryton, simply click 'Buy'.

You will be requested to set a gas limit in the confirmation message. For every transaction to be approved, users must pay a small amount of Gas fee to the Ethereum network as a computational cost. A higher Gas Price means faster processing, and vice versa.

After the transaction is complete, you can find your purchased assets in 'My NFT Assets', as well as in the game's collections.

My NFT Assets

What is Siring?

Crypton owners can allow other players to breed with their Cryptons at a designated price.

To add your Crypton to the Partner Search List, select 'Market', then choose the Crypton you wish to opt for siring from 'My List' and click on the 'Sire' button.

Access the Crypt-oink Market

Set the desired start and final prices, along with the duration you wish your Crypton to be available for siring. Throughout the set period, the price will gradually rise from the set start price to the set final price. The price will never fall below the designated final price.

Set the desired start and final prices, along with the duration

Crypton will not disappear after siring and will remain in your 'My NFT Assets'.

'My NFT Assets'

What is Breeding?

To create a new Crypton, you can breed two of your Cryptons together or breed one of them with any siring partners from the Partner Search List. As mentioned previously, these partners can come with a price for siring designated by their owners.

1. Access 'Market' and select the 'Breed' button at the left menu.

2. Select one of your Cryptons to be the Mother.

3. Choose one of your other Cryptons to be the Father from 'My list', or select the 'Search for available sires' option. If using the search tool, you will be able to search other owners' siring Crypton.

Select two Cryptons to breed

4. Tap on the 'Breed' button. Before sending the Breed request, remember to check the set price and associated Gas fees.

Tap on the 'Breed' button!

5. Once the Crypton has switched from the 'Pregnant' status to the 'Awaiting Birth' status, the owner may, at any time, pay a birthing request fee in order to birth the new Crypton.

Keep in mind that:

  • Crypton will not disappear after breeding and will remain in your collection.

  • It's impossible to breed a Crypton with their parents.

  • If your desired siring partner shares either parent with your Crypton, they are not allowed to breed.

You can either keep your existing Cryptons or sell them in the HB marketplace to make profits.

How to sell Cryptons?

In HB Wallet, you can sell your Cryptons through HB Marketplace or through Crypt-oink User Shop.

Via HB NFT Marketplace

All your purchased assets from any Dapp Games can be found in 'My NFT Assets'.

My NFT Assets

Select one of your Cryptons then click 'Sell' to place your Crypton on the HB marketplace. Otherwise, select 'Send' to sell it to a specific address 'via smart contracts' or 'direct message'.

Cryptons can be sold multiple ways on HB Wallet

Users can simultaneously sell their assets via Smart Contracts as well as on HB marketplace to avoid scams and frauds; and multiply the opportunities of getting their assets sold. Tap on 'Resend to store' to put your Crypton on the auction while waiting for payment from another user.

'Resend to store'

Users also have the ability to 'Change price' or to 'Retrieve' the asset. Note that a small amount of Ethereum Gas fee will be required to get your request executed.

According to the company's current promotional policy, selling in HB Marketplace does not cost you any additional fees excluding the Ethereum Gas Fee, while most Dapp markets charge a commission fee approximately 2.5% on each transaction requested by users.

Via User Shop

You can also sell your Cryptons in the User Shop via the following steps:

1. From your 'My List', select the details tab for the Crypton you wish to put up for auction.

2. Tap the 'Sell' button.

3. Set the desired start and final prices, along with the period you wish your Crypton to be on auction.

4. Throughout the set period, the auction's price will gradually rise from the set start price to the set final price. The price will never fall below the final price once reached.

Please note that when transactions are processed on the User Shop, a percentage of the sell price will be withheld as a transaction fee.

Crypt-oink User Shop

Now you know the basics, let's move to the gameplay in part 2!

Download HB Wallet: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows

Next: Play and monetize Crypt-oink with HB Wallet (Part 2)

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