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promote your DAPP

Increase the number of users is always be the top priority of any Dapp, and it's always be the most agonized issue with most developers. Fortunately, HB Wallet can help you to solve this problem with the lowest cost.

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HB Wallet is recognized as the most favorite Ethereum Wallet in Japan. It stays on top of App Store, Play Store and most Search Engines when you search for Ethereum Wallet in Japan.


Number of Total Downloads (iOS, Android, APKMac, and Windows) from July 17, 2017 to January 09, 2020.


Number of Total Active Users within HB Wallet on January 09, 2020. 

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create a shortcut

It only takes 3 seconds for HB Wallet users to access your Dapp. This method will also increase the awareness of your Dapps as users will always see your project when they browsing within HB Wallet. HB Wallet is now open for this service, please contact us at for more details.


listing on hb nft market and nagemon

Nagemon is an NFT Market itself. HB NFT Market and Nagemon both use the same Smart Contract. It means when users sell an NFT on HB NFT Market, it will also appear on Nagemon. Exposing your NFT on the two markets will enhance the brand of your Dapp tremendously, as it's the best way to show the beauty of your game characters, or items. HB Wallet is now open for this service, please contact us at for more details.


host a gacha drop

Gacha Drop is a new concept that created by HB Wallet. This implies an Airdrop campaign for ERC-721 Tokens (NFT) in a unique way. Everyday, users will have once chance to request for an NFT. They might or might not win, but there is no cost except for Gas Fees to play. The giveways are based on a designed probability. The more users request, the better the performance of your Smart Contract, which will boost the ranking of your Dapp spectacularly on any Dapp Ranking sites.

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