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HB Wallet Seach Token


HB Wallet offers various methods for Token Providers to promote their tokens to thousands of users daily. We grant you most convenient, affordable and efficient routes to approach Crypto Enthusiasts from all over the world.

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HB Wallet is recognized as the most favorite Ethereum Wallet in Japan. It stays on top of App Store, Play Store and most Search Engines when you search for Ethereum Wallet in Japan.


Number of Total Downloads (iOS, Android, APKMac, and Windows) from July 17, 2017 to January 09, 2020.


Number of Total Active Users within HB Wallet on January 09, 2020. 

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free listing 

on hb dex

HB DEX is a built-in Decentralized Exchange within HB Wallet. It facilitates most advantages of the famous 0x Protocol. In HB DEX, users can use ETH to trade for ERC-20 Tokens and vice versa. Here is how to list your token on HB DEX without paying any fees:

1. Go to HB Wallet Desktop on Mac or Windows

2. Go to tab 'HB DEX'

3. Click the button 'Request Token Listing'

4. Fill in the form then click 'Request'

5. We will contact you within 05 working days for the result


host an airdrop

You can request for an automatic Airdrop campaign on HB Wallet with just only $20 USD in ETH. You can also add in a task for HB Wallet users to complete, before joining your Airdrop campaign. 


join hb database

Showing your token on HB Wallet with a stunning design. Your token will also appear on HB Search together with popular ERC-20 tokens like Maker, USDC, KNC, etc. This will help you to expose your token to all users of HB Wallet as they add a token. Here is how you can register on our system:

1. Go to HB Wallet Desktop on Mac or Windows

2. Go to tab 'Settings'

3. Click 'Register Token Card'

4. Fill in the form then click 'Request'

5. You might need to pay for a small amount of fees, just as low as $500 USD in ETH, or you can use HBWALLET to save 50% of the fees.

6. Your application will be processed within 05 working days.

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