• ​HB DEX operates entirely on HB Wallet Desktop Application, which is safer than web-based Exchanges and Wallets.

  • 100% Decentralized - All transactions will be conducted directly on Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Everything will be taken care by HB Wallet from storing tokens, conducting transactions, paying fees to checking for transaction statuses.

  • Real-time trading with any tokens on ERC20.

  • It's all FREE! Users only have to pay for Ethereum transaction fees .


Version 3.3.2  - Date: 08/27/2019

  • All of the transaction pairs on HB DEX will be reset. (1)

  • After the version 2 is updated, users should have at least 03 HBWALLET in the default account to make orders with pairs that have over 1,000 orders in transaction history in the previous version of HB DEX.


  • The current applied pair would be XAZ/WETH. (2)

  • Orders that have the same price will be merged. Only one transaction will be counted when making multiple orders (buy or sell) at the same price.

  • One account can create up to 08 orders for 01 pair. The minimum value for an orders would be 0.01ETH.


  • No limit for taking orders.

(1) Generated orders from the version I will be hidden in the version II. No fee will be applied.


(2) Please keep at least 03HBWALLET in your default account to make orders. They won't be used as a payment for any services.



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