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swap token

Swap your Ethers to Tokens, or Stablecoins and vice versa instantly in a few simple steps. This amazing feature is supported by Kyber Network Team.


Swap your Tokens to Ethers, or StableCoins right away on your HB Wallet. 


A swap session would require less Gas fees than most trading activities.

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This amazing feature is powered by the Kyber Network Team.

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liquefy your assets in a snap

Swap Token enables you to liquefy a token to Ethers, or StablesCoins securely and immediately. This would protect your investment from unpredictable fluctuation.

It's also a great way to obtain tokens directly from token providers. As a requirement of Kyber Network, a token provider needs to establish a reserve on a provided Smart Contract of Kyber in order to list their token on the swap portal. Hence, it would be safe and secure for users to exchange through this gateway.

try swap token NOW!

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