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technical outsourcing

Aside from creating amazing Blockchain Products, Bacoor Inc. is also a reliable outsource company for most technical aspects that related to Blockchain, Smart Contract and App. We have successfully consulted and developed for more than 08 projects in 04 different countries.

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Blockchain Applications can be diversified from basic applications on Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android to B2B applications. Apparently, it is not easy to form up a proper Blockchain Application. Fortunately, Bacoor has a sufficient resource to support any Companies with this matter.


Once a Token is built successfully, its deployed functions which include errors cannot be re-written. However, this can be avoided easily by working with an expert team. Bacoor Inc. is offering exactly what you need to build your valuable token. 


In the next few years, Dapps will become a very important part of Blockchain Development. Eventually, this is what most companies are aiming to. Of course, it is best to prepare from NOW for a new trend in town! 

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