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Make Your Crypto Life Easier with HB Chat

Have you ever seen a chat platform within a cryptocurrency wallet app? You might be skeptical about it at first, but in fact, this simple feature could be more useful than you can ever imagine.
In this article, we explore the features of the HB Chat - a completely private texting platform within the HB Wallet - and how it can make your crypto life easier, more secured and more fun.

Easier communication and transactions

When it comes to money, communication is vital. How often do you have to keep up with your payer or payee before making payments? Wouldn’t it be inconvenient to chat, request payments or confirm information in one app, and then switch to another app to perform transactions?

The more steps required, the more room for human error. When it comes to making payments, especially in the world of cryptocurrency, you would never want to make any spelling, typing or copying mistake with words and numbers.

HB Chat is equipped with a Pay and Request feature included inside the chat room. It allows you to make or request payments directly with the person you are talking to. You never have to switch between apps or to check information twice again.

Moreover, you can easily search and add contacts, connect with friends, acquaintances or even your family members and start the conversation in no time. The chat interface shares a resemblance with popular texting platforms, which makes it extremely simple and easy to use.

More secured

In a world where information leaks, hacks, and confidentiality have been listed as global concerns, the matter of information security is of high concern. Is there anyone following or looking at your chat, or using the information from your texts to hack their way into your accounts? Thinking about such issues could keep you up at night.

The good news is, HB Chat is designed to solve such problems.

When you want to use other chatting services such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or Whatsapp, you might need to register and confirm your identity using either a mobile number or an email address.

HB Wallet requires no information registration when you first login into the app. You can easily create a chat account and start chatting anonymously with your entire chat securely protected, which significantly reduce any trouble of information or security compromise.

More fun for everyone

People tend to think of texting on financial platforms as something bland or boring. Here at HB, everything we do is far from ‘boring.’

Every chat user should be able to express themselves freely. Hence, we have added emojis and stickers to the chat to make your conversations more enjoyable. If your family or group of friends is adopting cryptocurrency, the fun is sure to double.

In case you haven’t noticed, HB Chat also comes with a space for communities.

These communities include the huge HB Wallet community and the more focused ones from crypto companies. You can join official channels in your language, or create an entire community of your own.

By joining communities, you will receive the latest news from HB Wallet and your favorite crypto companies, discussing on topics, sending Ether gifts to chosen members of communities or receiving some, too.

From making enjoyable conversation to smartly manage your funds and transactions, the possibilities with HB Chat are endless. Have you made your crypto life a little easier today? Check out HB Wallet for more exciting features now.

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