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Three Types of People in the World of Cryptocurrency

Within ten years since its first introduction, cryptocurrency has been able to build a very impressive community around it. The big questions remain - who are included in this community, what they are here for, and which group of crypto citizens you belong to.

Opportunistic Investors

Living up to their names, opportunistic investors seek investment opportunities in whatever fields that they may find potential for making a good profit in short-term. They look for the next big thing on the market, ready to jump in when the opportunities come and get out as quickly when things go awry.

The target for this group is quite clear: buy low, sell high and ultimately make a profit. It doesn’t matter whether the idea behind this market is visionary enough. As long as it could bring back a return on investment, they are ready to join in.

About a year ago, opportunistic investors were almost everywhere, but for now, there are not many of them around anymore. However, we might be wrong to assume that this crypto citizen group no longer exists. They could be keeping their status low at the moment, waiting for the right time to buy as the market is slowing down now.

Utility Lovers

The people from this group are just in love with the idea of a decentralized monetary system. They don't ask for anything but the utilities this innovation brings - faster transaction time, better security and fewer fees paid.

This group might have been previously let down by the flaws of centralized monetary systems and feel the urge to change. The features that cryptocurrency can offer blow them away and immediately turn them into frequent users.

What happens on the market affects them, but only at an average degree. After all, Utility Lovers are here for the pros, not the profits.

Future Optimists

This group is comprised of the most loyal citizens of the town. They make investments not only for good profit returns but also for the trust in the projects, the teams behind the projects and a future of mainstream cryptocurrency usage. Innovative ideas inspire them.

Future Optimists are experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts who enjoy exploring and analyzing every aspect related to cryptocurrency. They follow the news closely for both market fluctuation, predictions, major movements and new regulation advances regarding the adoption of cryptocurrency by governments. For people from this group, patience is key, especially in a monetary revolution this big.

This group is the backbone of the cryptocurrency community. If it were not for these people, the community would not grow as big as today.

Which type of cryptocurrency people are you?

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