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Is it easy to send NFT assets (ERC721 Tokens) on HB Dapps?

Updated: May 17, 2019

Staying ahead of the waves, HB Wallet surprises Blockchain community with the new function endorsing users to send NFT assets (ERC721) on Dapps while chatting.

Cryptocurrency is no longer just a few numbers of gaining profits, or reducing losses upon trading sessions. In fact, the era of crypto applications is coming. At this very moment, sending and receiving NFT (ERC-721) can be conducted instantly by using HB Wallet. How cool is that?

The first wallet allowing users to send and receive NFT assets while chatting in the world!

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to send and receive ERC-721 tokens on HB Wallet – an Ethereum wallet which is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The application was launched in Jul 2017 by Bacoor Inc. HB Wallet is the first full-fledged platform with robust functions designed to provide an optimized way for users to send NFTs while chatting.

Chat with your friends and send them your favorite NFTs for the first time in the world!

Chat with your friends and send them your favorite NFTs for the first time in the world!

It has never been this easy to send an NFT (as a gift) instantly in your chat room. Any chat session is fully integrated with most features you can think of, which is similar to most popular Chat applications nowadays, but it is slightly more powerful thanks to its NFT function.

The transmission process is quite simple. To start a transaction, you just need to select the ‘Pay’ option in your chat session, a list of NFTs would come up. Then, you can choose a desired character or item, then click ‘Send’. A transaction will be completed just that simple.

Any other stuffs will be settled down by the HB system. Hence, there will be no problem such as transaction errors or security breaches.

Send an NFT (as a gift) instantly in your chat room!

Send an NFT (as a gift) instantly in your chat room!

The NFT list is now added to the HB Wallet Dapps browser. That way, users can choose and send any NFT assets directly from the browser.

HB Wallet offers 02 options for sending: Direct Sending and Via Smart Contract

Direct sending will be performed as a gift-sending action. The ‘Send’ feature allows users to send a gift directly to a specific person. Users can also choose the gas fee to determine whether to make the transaction fast or slow. The default status of gas fee will enable transactions to be pushed through the fastest way. Clicking ‘send’ is the last action to confirm the transaction.

The alternative option is to send NFT via smart contracts. First, users could decide the amount of money that will be sent. Then, users can require an item in return. The request is placed when users tap on ‘Create’. On the other end, a request will come up. Finally, when both parties complete the request, an NFT will be sent to one party and the other one will receive an amount of money as negotiated. However, the most interesting thing is everything can be conducted within a chat session between two parties. It means they can negotiate, place a request then get what they want while chatting.

Grab a FREE NFT on HB Community Chat Room!

Within any community on HB Chat, any users can send their own NFT as a gift or grab a FREE NFT from other users.

To send a gift on a community, users need to click on the ‘Gift’ icon, then put on an item or character, as well as a request in question format or as a gift code. After that, by clicking on the ‘Send’ button, the gift will be delivered to the chosen community.

This feature is recommended in the following cases:

Raising awareness is very important to any business forms. Especially for Dapps projects, this is a FREE way to conduct a marketing campaign and to raise awareness to thousands of HB daily active users.

At first, we offer this feature as well as creating communities FREE OF CHARGE. It’s because we would like to contribute to the development of DAPPS and we hope to bring more excitement to our users.

A brief summary of Dapps development and implementation

Currently, it is not easy to find a wallet that can deal with NFT assets (ERC-721) smoothly and comfortably. Even if there is one, you still have to rely on a third-party web service. Obviously, with the majority of users are using smart phones now, the mentioned method is not an optimized way and not a secured way to deal with ERC-721 tokens. In this context, HB Wallet comes up as an optimized solution across multiple devices as a pioneer to deal with NFT assets.

Everything is simplified with HB Wallet. Users do not need to conduct any research, or to be an expert to deal with digital assets as ERC-721 tokens. In fact, with HB Wallet, users now can enjoy Dapps Games in a way that is full and complete.

In the next few month, HB Wallet will implement a new function that enhances the liquidity of NFT assets. We will inform broadly when the new function is ready.

Until now, the world is still uncertain about the purpose of Cryptocurrency’s existence. Most people just focus on gaining profits and reducing losses from Cryptocurrency trending. However, the world is always moving forward as the development of Dapps. Soon, the value of Cryptocurrency will reflect its actual application, not its value from trading sessions.

In the fast-paced movement of Cryptocurrency, HB Wallet would never stop evolving. As our ultimate target is to bring the best experience for users. In this case, the target is to bring the most comfort for users when dealing with NFT assets (ERC-721 Tokens). We assure that you will have the best experience with Dapps on HB Wallet.

In addition, HB Wallet is open to any partnership and cooperation. We would love to hear from other businesses and projects anytime, anywhere. Let’s bring this industry to the next level with us!

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