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Wallet domain now comes to HB Wallet and KEYRING PRO

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

User now can send crypto to .wallet domain directly from HB Wallet and KEYRING PRO.

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Wallet Domain on HB Wallet
Wallet Domain on HB Wallet

What is wallet domain?

The .wallet domain is a form of crypto domains recently launched by Unstoppable Domains.

It represents a tight cooperation between Unstoppable Domains and popular Blockchain Wallets as HB Wallet, Trust Wallet, KEYRING PRO, and others.

Wallet domain basically exists on the Ethereum Blockchain in the NFT (ERC-721) format.

Each one is unique that carries the same characteristic to the .crypto domain as below.

- A domain for web 3.0 which stays out of the DNS/ICAN loop.

- Enables users receive crypto payment

- Comes with rarity as each domain is a unique NFT and permanently owned

By owning a wallet domain, you can receive crypto payment with a simple address as joe.wallet instead of 0x8b0e1DB266051648550D123456789abc.

This makes crypto payment easier and opens the door to infinite possibilities.

Giveaway Campaign

To celebrate the launch of .wallet domain, we will give away $50 UD credit to 05 lucky people ($250 total, $50 each).

You only need to retweet and comment your dream domain on the tweet below.

Where to buy wallet domain

At the time of this article, you can purchase .wallet domains directly from Unstoppable Domains and Angoname.

Angoname also allows user to resell all crypto domains decentrally to make profits as a secondary marketplace.

Aside from the wallet domain, user can purchase other crypto domains as .crypto, .blockchain, .nft, .bitcoin, .x, .coin, .dao, .888.

Use wallet domain on HB Wallet and KEYRING PRO

Now, you can send and receive Ethereum, or ERC-20 tokens through wallet domain directly on HB Wallet.

Just head to the send screen and insert a wallet domain to the address bar instead of an address, you will be able to make an Ethereum transaction.

KEYRING PRO, on the other hand, is slightly different from HB Wallet, which is a wallet connect app that also developed by Bacoor Inc.

The wallet connect app extends the possibility of interacting on blockchain to other chains aside from Ethereum. It lets user connect to all supported chain simultaneoulsy.

Learn more about KEYRING PRO:

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