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What is TomorrowsPrice and its Affiliate Program?

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

All you need to know about TomorrowsPrice and how to participate in the Affiliate Program!

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What is TomorrowsPrice?

TomorrowsPrice is a Dapp game where you can predict the next-day price of Bitcoin (BTC) everyday. To place a prediction on TomorrowPrice, you only need to deposit 100 DAI to get a ticket to play everyday. This is not a Gambling Game, so when your prediction is not correct, you won’t lose your deposit. You can also withdraw 100% of your deposit from TomorrowsPrice's Smart Contract at anytime.

TomorrowsPrice is a Dapp game where you can predict the next-day price of Bitcoin (BTC) everyday.

Is TomorrowsPrice credible?

It’s transparent

TomorrowPrice is a Decentralized Game (Dapp Game). Everything is operated and secured by Smart Contract. (etherscan.io/address/0xb9595da1c6ecfecf4766fa8587bf63b951baab5d#code)

The result of TomorrowsPrice is issued by calling an API from coinmarketcap.com at exact 02:00 PM (UTC) everyday.

The deposited DAI is secured by Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain, and can be tracked by any Block Explorer.

No KYC is required

TomorrowsPrice does not ask players to submit any KYC in order to join the game. All you need is an Ethereum Wallet such as HB Wallet to sign in.

Your deposit is secured by Smart Contract

Even if your prediction is not correct, your deposit will still remain the same. You can withdraw 100% of the deposited amount from TomorrowsPrice at any time.

It’s costless

TomorrowsPrice does not cost you any fees to play! The only fee you have to pay to make a deposit or withdraw is the Ethereum Gas Fee.

How to play?

You can access TomorrowsPrice's interface via tomorrowsprice.net or via HB Wallet platform. If you have a correct prediction, you can earn a minimum of 100 DAI. In case there is no winner, the prize will be added up everyday, until it reaches 1,000 DAI. If your prediction is inaccurate, you lose nothing and your balance would remain the same.

TomorrowsPrice on HB Wallet

TomorrowsPrice is approachable via both HB Wallet mobile and desktop platforms. In this guide, we will show you how to use TomorrowsPrice on HB Wallet desktop.

1. Launch HB Wallet 'Browser'.

Launch HB Wallet 'Browser'

2. On the Browser homepage, click on 'Tomorrows Price' icon to proceed.

Click on 'Tomorrows Price'

3. Enter your email to register for TomorrowsPrice.

Register for TomorrowsPrice by your email

4. Check your mailbox to confirm your email address.

Confirm your email address

5. Once the registration is complete, you can go to the homepage of TomorrowsPrice, where you can see your deposit details, the current prize, and the result of the latest prediction.

To start placing a prediction, tap on 'Deposit' on the upper right of your screen.

Tap on 'Deposit'

6. In order to place a prediction, you will need to deposit 100 DAI for a ticket. You only need to deposit 1 time. With each ticket, you will have one turn to predict the tomorrow price of BTC everyday.

In case you don't have DAI in your wallet, you can swap your tokens to DAI directly on the platform.

You can swap your tokens to DAI directly on the platform

There is no limit on how many tickets you want to obtain. For instance, if you wish to double your chance of winning, you can deposit 200 DAI for 2 tickets.

Tap on 'Deposit' to proceed.

Now you can start placing your prediction. After the latest result, you can go back and edit your prediction for the next day.

Top Players

The prediction of all users will be ranked. Players that have the closest predictions to previous given results will be listed on our Top 10 Board. Take it seriously because if other players would like to see your predictions as references, you will be rewarded everyday!

  • Rank 1: 2% of the provided interest from Compound

  • Rank 2: 1% of the provided interest from Compound

  • Rank 3: 0.5% of the provided interest from Compound

  • Rank 4 - Rank 10: 0.2% of the provided interest from Compound

TomorrowsPrice's Affiliate Program

What is this program?

By referring Tomorrowsprice to your friends, you can earn 25% of the interest which is earned from the total deposit of referred players, as all deposits are delegated to Compound.finance. The commission does not come from players at all. Their deposit remains the same at all time, and can be withdrawn at anytime.

TomorrowsPrice's Affiliate Program

How it works?

Step 1: Get the Ref Link

To get your own ref link, you will need to contact us at: suggestions@bacoor.co. We will need you to provide:

1. An Ethereum address to receive the commission.

2. Your website, or SNS, or where you might share our links.

Step 2: Spread Your Affiliate Link

Once you have your Ref Link, let's share it on your Website and Social Channels! Our system will automatically detect if a player comes from your side.

Step 3: Referred Players

Referred Players who get to our site via your ref link need to deposit at least 01 ticket = 100 DAI. TomorrowsPrice's Smart Contract will store the deposited amount on Compound.finance. From here, you will start to earn your commission.

Step 4: Receive Reward

You will need to login to tomorrowsprice.net by using your registered address. Your commission will be sent automatically every week (07 days). You can withdraw your commission at anytime.

Program Summary


TomorrowsPrice's Whitepaper

TomorrowsPrice's Affiliate Program

NEXT: “Kachiage!"- an NFT+ series that always increases in value!

Download HB Wallet: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows

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