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Etheremon: How to play and monetize on HB Wallet!

Etheremon is a Dapp Game on the Ethereum network where you can catch, train, evolve your mons (ERC-721 tokens) to defeat others and trade them for Ethers.

What is NFT Market on HB Wallet?

How To Play And Monetize Your Cryptokitties On HB Wallet

What are NFTs?

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Setting up the game

Creating your Monseeker account


How to get free mons?

Which Etheremon should I catch?

Battle Power (BP)


Experience (Exp)


Catch number




How to buy an Etheremon?


Practice Mode

Adventure Mode

Ranked Mode

Factors to win ranked battles


Mon's Scarcity

Gen 0

Limited Edition


Mon's Ability

Egg Laying


How to sell Mons and other in-game collectibles?


If you are excited in the concept of virtual collectibles and looking for some good tips before diving into the world of digital monsters - Etheremon. This guide is definitely for you.

According to Etheremon market history, the most valuable Mon - Zedakazm was sold at 13 ETH, approximately $2,912.83 USD in 2018. As astounding as the said record, Resurvy, Liscious and Flaraton were originally bought at less than 0.1 ETH but made 40-50 times in return from their initial investment.

First thing first, make sure to load your HB Wallet with some Ethers (about 0.03 ETH) to cover the gas fee and to catch some mons.

Now you are ready, let the adventure begin!


Setting up the game

You can easily approach the game on both HB Wallet desktop and mobile app.

After installing HB Wallet, access ETHEREMON as the following steps:


Go to 'Dapp' feature and select 'ETHEREMON' from the games catalog or search it by name.

How to access ETHEREMON from your desktop


Go to ‘NFT Market’ then tap on the ‘Games’ icon from the top menu. Select ETHEREMON from the catalog or search it by name.

How to access ETHEREMON from your mobile device

Create your Monseeker account

There’s no difference between playing ETHEREMON on HB Wallet desktop or on HB Wallet mobile app. You can choose your favorite type of device to play the game.

Press ‘Play Now’ on the welcome page and then ‘Sign in’. A request to authenticate with Etheremon will show up, click ‘Sign’ to continue.

Press 'Play Now'

Then select 'Sign' to proceed into the game

Now you’re in. Let’s catch your first Mons! 🎮


How to get free mons?

3 FREE MONS will be given to each new player for a greater beginning! To get these mons, access the ‘Official Store’ of Etheremon, select ‘Catch Now’ and give them a name. Keep in mind that every action in Etheremon occurs on the Ethereum blockchain and requires a small amount of gas fee. Gas fee can be different over time depending on the network traffic.

Your mons will appear in ‘My NFT Assets’, together with your other purchased assets.

All your purchased items appear in 'My NFT Assets'

To view them separately, select 'EtheremonMonster' from the list of games.

3 free mons are now in 'My NFT Assets'

Some species can go extinct or can only be bought from HB NFT Market or Etheremon Store.

Click on the 'Market' icon to access NFT Market

Uncatchable mons can be found here

Which Etheremon should I catch?

As new Monseekers have been asking the same question, there are few things to break down before you start buying Mons.

Each Mon comes with different strengths and weaknesses. By knowing exactly what they are and how those qualities affect your game strategy, you will have a better chance to optimize your selection.

Battle Power (BP)

Battle Power determines the strength of a Mon. The higher these stats are, the more expensive a Mon can be. In a fight, these stats will impact a Mon’s overall power and help you with your battle strategy.


There are 17 discovered types in Etheremon: Leaf, Insect, Rock, Lightning, Water, Fire, Iron, Ice, Flyer, Earth, Combat, Neutral, Mystic, Telepath, Phantom, Dragon, Toxin. Each mon possesses from 1 to 3 types. Each type has a distinct kind of strengths and shadows, please find the image below for demonstration.

The element on the left of each arrow is a nemesis of the one appears on the right.

Knowing the advantages of each type will help you to sharpen your strategy and have a great chance to win over your opponent in a battle.

Experience (EXP)

After each battle, EXPs are rewarded to both winning and losing Mons, depending on the result and the level gap between two mons. The higher EXPs a mon gets, the more expensive it can be.


The higher EXPs are provided, the higher level of your Mons will reaches. Mons at higher levels will have higher stats and are definitely stronger. Thus, some Etheremon will gain the ability to transform after reaching a certain level.

Catch number

You can evaluate the Mon’s scarcity based on this number. The lower the number is, the more valuable they are, especially Mons with catch number #1, #2, #3. These numbers show that they are appeared and purchased early in the game.


The Mon’s generation. Gen 0 are rarer than others and more valuable.


A special class of supporting mons. When a Gason is in your team as a supporter, it increases (buffs) the defensive power for all Mons of the same type.

Gasons do not have ancestors, have only one form, and cannot lay eggs. This Etheremon class can always be caught in the store.

Gasons can be caught in the store


In a battle, an ancestor increases their descendant’s offensive stats. Each mon has up to 3 ancestors.

Krakowee's ancestors are Sonectid, Matara and Endorr

How to buy an Etheremon?

After going over the essential stats, you can go to HB NFT Market and shop for your favorite Mons.

Click on the ‘Market’ icon in HB Wallet.

Buy your best Mons in HB NFT Market

Select 'EtheremonMonster' from the list of games. You can categorize Etheremon you want to purchase by its price or release status (Newest to Oldest).

HB NFT Market

Choose a Mon and click ‘Buy’. A message will show up with the request to set up a gas fee for your transaction.

Set a Gas Price for your transaction

Press ‘Buy’ to continue the process.

After the transaction is confirmed, your new Mons will appear in ‘My NFT Assets’ and in the game’ collection.

My NFT Assets

As HB Wallet can be synchronized across multiple devices, you can make a transaction either on your mobile phone or on your desktop, data of your transactions can be viewed from all platforms.


After forming up a powerful army of your mons, you can choose to go through some fun ’Battles’. There are 3 main game modes for you to play:

There are 3 main battle modes to play

Practice Mode

Practice match consists of 3 one-on-one battles between 2 teams of 3 attacking Mons and up to 3 supporting Mons. Attacking Mons will be matched up following teams’ lineup.

To be specific, the Mon in the position 1, team 1 will fight against the Mon in the position 1, team 2 and so on. A match ends when a Mon’s HP turns to zero or if not, after 10 turns. The winner is the team that wins 2 matches out of 3.

Mons gain EXP and level up from Practice

Each Practice match costs 2 energy to play. Mons gain EXP from Practice while your Rank is not affected. This game mode is meant for you to practice some strategy and to get yourself familiar with Battle meta of the game.

Practice Mode only allows Mons level 20 and below to join.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is for you to get some exclusive items that you cannot find elsewhere. There are 54 sites and each will drop a specific set of items and special Mons. Each site only allows 6 out of 17 types of Mons to access. List of sites that a Mon can visit is fixed and determined by the first type of the Mon.

Seeking for exclusive items in Adventure sites

In each Adventure, the chance that a site is visited is totally random. To know the full site lists and items/Mons that each site carry, you can check the "Encyclopedia" page of Etheremon.

List of sites that a Mon can visit is fixed and determined by the first type of the Mon

You can pay Ether or EMONT to play. After every adventure, you can bring home one item or a Mon that inhabits in the visited site. Each adventure takes a certain amount of time for your Mon to return, or you can speed up if needed.

After collecting these items, you can choose to use or make profits by selling them in the marketplace.

Collect Adventure Items and sell them in HB Marketplace

Adventure sites are divided into 10 pieces. Each piece is a ERC-721 token and owned by a player.

90% of the adventure fee from players will go to the hosts, which will be equally distributed among 10 hosts of each site. 10% will go to Etheremon developers for maintenance and community engagement. Hosts can adjust the fee themselves by voting every month.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode is for players to increase their rank on the Leaderboard.


Similarly to Practice Mode, Ranked match consists of 3 one-on-one battles between 2 teams of 3 attacking Mons and up to 3 supporting Mons. Attacking Mons will be matched up based on teams' lineup. The final winner is the team that wins 2 matches out of 3.

Each Ranked match costs you 2 energy to play. Simply go to your Monseeker profile (through 'Play Now' button) to get free energy or buy it with your Ether or EMONT.

Claim your free energy every hour

To start a match, you will first choose an opponent team out of a list of available teams that are selected based on your rank.

Your rating point will change according to the match result. Winning gains you points to climb to higher rank. Defeating stronger teams reward you more rating points than average. High-rank players can have more chance to win rewards in Ranking Competition events, which are held in game from time to time.

Besides gaining ranks, every win in Ranked mode will give you EMONT rewards in "Daily Victory" Quest.

Quests And Achievements

Factors to win ranked battles

Battle Power and Type

Previously, the concept of Battle Power of a Mon was discussed. In a battle, these stats are very important which can determine the winnability of your team.

Mon with higher speed (SP) attacks first. Damage takes the difference between primary attack (PA) and primary defense (PD) or secondary attack (SA) and secondary defense (SD), whichever is higher. At least 10 damage points must be dealt each turn. Damage is deducted directly from the defender's HP.

Whether win or lose, Mons are rewarded EXP after the battle depending on the result and the level gap between two Mons.

As a type can shadow another, it’s worth to note this as your strategy. For example, Fire-type Mon obviously has the advantage over an Iron-type Mon.

Buff and Critical Hits

Buff is an increase of a Mon’s power when it gets support from Gason and Ancestor in a battle.

As mentioned before, each Mon can have up to 3 ancestors and every type has a Gason to associated with it.

  • Each Gason of the same type will buff a Mon’s PD and SD by 10%.

  • Each Ancestor will buff its descendants’ PA and SA by 10%.

  • Having a type overshadow the opponent will buff a Mon’s PA, SA, PD and SD by 30%.

A critical Hit increases 30% of a Mon’s PA and SA and is triggered randomly during a turn. It happens totally unexpected and can sometimes help you make a surprised comeback.


Mon’s Scarcity

Some Mons are rare because of their small population and it is impossible to increase their amount. Some are only catchable for a limited time and can only be found in the market.

Gen 0: Gen-0 Mons do not have any ancestors and they cannot lay eggs. The number of gen-0 Mons is limited and can only be bought in the market. They can even go extinct after all of them have evolved to new levels.

Limited Edition: Ruffski & Barkindle are limited editions for Lunar New Year Eve and was on sale for 3 days, at 0.5 ETH each (approximately $160 USD). Their ancestors are free starter monsters, which are very useful in a battle.

Ruffski & Barkindle are limited editions

Legends: These Mons can not lay eggs and its population are so small that it takes a great deal to find them even in Store or Market. Because of these reasons, these are Mons that players paid the most money for.

Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm

Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm are the three Legendary Mons that used to be caught in Adventure Mode. Currently, they are no longer found in Adventure Mode, so players can only acquire them in the Market.

The increase in number of players has constantly driven up the demand for these Mons. Thus, the fact that they are in confined supply makes them even more scarce and valuable. The only way to have these Mons is to buy them at a pricey cost.

According to Etheremon market history, Zedakazm and Vernirox are the two Mons sold for the highest prices. Their BP and level are all admirable and so it’s of no surprise they are sold at 13 and 9.39 ETH individually.

Mon’s Ability

Egg Laying: Some Mons can lay eggs at a certain level (excluding Gasons and Legends). Monseekers can always sell their eggs or newborns at a more competitive price in HB Marketplace.

After laying eggs, the level of an Etheremon will be reduced by a certain amount (ex. A level 30 Cobrus will drop 3 levels after laying an egg). Each type of Etheremon has a different egg laying level (a Cobrus can lay eggs at level 30, while a Puddle can lay eggs at level 28).

An egg needs to be hatched to become a Mon and the duration of the process is randomized from a few hours to a few days.

Etheremon Eggs

Transformation: Spend some time to train your Mons, transform them and sell them in the market. As many players prefer buying stronger Mons with higher levels, this is an ideal way to make your Mons worthier than others in the market.

Cobrus needs to reach at least level 28 to transform

How to sell Mons and other in-game collectibles?

After gaining powerful Mons or exclusive items from adventure sites, you can trade them in the HB marketplace to earn significant values. Mons can be sold up to thousands of dollars depending on their scarcity and ability as aforementioned.

It's easy to sell your Mons and in-game items on the HB Marketplace.

Simply select a Mon or an item from 'My NFT Assets'.

My NFT Assets

Choose 'Sell' to place your Mon on the HB marketplace or select 'Send' to sell it to a specific address 'via smart contracts' or 'direct message'.

Sell your Etheremon via HB Marketplace or via Smart Contract

HB Wallet also enables users to sell their assets via Smart Contracts and on HB marketplace simultaneously. By this way, you can avoid scams and frauds, and multiply the opportunities of getting your assets sold.

To do this, simply select the asset and choose 'Resend to store' to sell it on the HB marketplace while waiting for payment from another user using sending via smart contract.

Resend Mon to store

You can also request to 'Change price' or to 'Retrieve' the asset. These requests will need a small amount of Gas fee to be processed.

'Retrieve' or 'Change Price' your Mon

According to current promotional policy, selling Etheremons in HB Marketplace does not cost you any additional fees besides the Ethereum network fee, while most Dapps markets charge a commission fee approximately 2.5% on each transaction requested by users.


Recently, Etheremon has announced the release of their new feature 'Tournament', where players can form a team of minimum 3 attackers and fight against each other randomly for the champion. Winners will bring home a common to rare Etheremon, depending on which type of tournaments (Beginner or Rookie) they register.

Registration is open now, this is your chance to show you’re the best!

Have fun playing Etheremon on HB Wallet!

Download HB Wallet: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows

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