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What is an XYO wallet, and which one should I use? This guide will help you answer these concerns, as well as giving XYO price predictions for 2020 from the most ambitious crypto experts.

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What is an XYO wallet?

XYO is ​based on the Ethereum blockchain, which enables layered location verification across many devices and protocols. At the center of the network sits the native cryptocurrency called XYO that incentivizes the ecosystem.


The main aim of this project is to provide location technology solutions for autonomous drones, self-driving vehicles, smart cities, and space exploration. 


In case you’re a newbie who would love to get into crypto, just the thought of setting up an XYO wallet or moving your XYO tokens around is concerning. However, this guide aims to help you pick out the best XYO wallet that can make the process as easy as pie. 

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What to consider while choosing an XYO wallet?

XYO is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, so any wallet that is compatible with ERC-20 tokens also supports XYO.


It’s crucial to choose an XYO wallet that offers premium security (PIN code, Two-factor (2-FA) authentication, Backup phrase, Multi-signature, etc.) so you can store or manage your XYO assets with peace of mind. A secure XYO wallet lets you own and control your private keys. This means you are the only one who has access to your funds.


If you are new to this space, you definitely would not want to get stuck with a wallet that is hard to function, verbally confusing or visually unattractive. A good XYO wallet should provide concise instructions where needed and has everything written in familiar terms.


Another metric is to look out for online reviews of the XYO wallet you’re considering to use.

Which XYO wallet SHOULD I download?

HB Wallet is a decentralized and non-custodial wallet that supports any ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, including XYO.


HB Wallet lets users have full control over their private keys. Moreover, the XYO wallet is intuitive and friendly yet comes with a host of specific features such as HB DEX (decentralized exchange), HB Chat, Grab Token, NFT Market, Smart Proof, Swap Token, and more. Using HB Wallet, you can manage and monitor your XYO tokens securely, participate in ICOs, receive airdrops, play DApp Games, and enter the DeFi ecosystem as well.


Launched in 2017, HB Wallet has more than 270,000 downloads and the support team is responsive on Telegram and other social media platforms.

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Download HB Wallet

XYO price prediction

Disclaimer: The following predictions are not intended to be used as investment advice. Viewers should conduct their own research.

XYO price prediction is currently a question in high demand as the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. This makes it rather hard to predict what the price of a coin could be in a few hours, and even harder to give long-term forecasts. Most XYO price predictions are based on potential supply and demand that, for their part, are tied to the movement of the biggest cryptocurrency in the space - Bitcoin


As of March 12, we saw one of the most epic crashes of Bitcoin. As predicted, all of the top 10 cryptocurrencies plunged into the red zone for over a week. XYO was not an exception.


The all-time high price of the XYO coin was fixed during the sale in May 2018, and it was $0.007900. However, the coin has never crossed the threshold of this value. The price was above average in December 2018. XYO then announced a lot of listings and collaboration.


At the time of writing, the last known price of XYO is $0.000224 USD and is up 0.28% over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 6 active market(s) with $2,500.44 traded over the last 24 hours. 


CoinChekup predicts that if XYO has near 20% of Bitcoin’s previous average growth per year, the XYO coin may reach up to $0.0005 in 2020 and by 2023, XYO may reach the $0.0017 mark.


TradingBeats expects that XYO will reach $0.0003758 by the beginning of June 2020. The expected maximum price is at the $0.0004799 level, while the minimum price mark is at the $0.0003263 level.


Experts from CoinPredictor are not encouraging new traders to invest in XYO coin because “it has a bearish trend.”


CoinSwitch claims XYO is about to go through a lot of changes and updates, expecting the coin to reach at least $0.009616 by the end of 2020.


WalletInvestors which provides the present market situation awaits XYO to reach at least $0.000514 by 2020. However, according to present data, XYO has been in the bearish market over the last 12 months. WalletInvestor forecasts XYO to be in a negative trend in the foreseeable future.


Even though the XYO project has already gained more than one million global devices, it suffers a lack of adoption in the cryptocurrency industry. Currently, the XYO coin is listed only on a few exchanges and only one of them has almost 99% of circulation.

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