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Play and monetize Crypt-oink with HB Wallet (Part 2)

Whether you are an investor or a gamer, Races and Wagers are most interesting parts of Crypt-oink that you definitely should try at least once.

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Joining your first race

Race courses Cheering on your Crypton

Winning races



High Fire Rate

Glorious Legacy

Low generation


Special and Unique Crypton

Hidden Trait

Play and monetize Crypt-oink with HB Wallet: Races and Values (Pt.2)

In the previous article, we have already discovered attributes and stats of a Crypton and how to approach the game. Now let's get into most interesting parts!


Training your Crypton is the fastest way to master races.

If your Crypton is falling behind other competitors, invest more time on training. Keep in mind that without training, your Crypton's stats will never increase.

The parameters you can train are Speed, Power, Stamina and Skill Fire Rate. It's better to consider which stats need to be improved initially. Once your Cryptons train, most will begin to develop a stat specialization and will excel at certain obstacles and races.

The parameters you can train are Speed, Power, Stamina and Skill Fire Rate

The Gym is where you can register your Cryptons and train them as much as you can before participating in races. However, training not only drains your overall energy but also ages your Crypton.

To get started click the [+] icon and choose a Crypton from your 'My List'.

Register your Crypton to the gym

Cryptons will gain small increases in their training efficiency depending on what league they are currently assigned to. Climbing to higher leagues will be a key driver in your overall Crypton’s status. Aim for Pro to have the best efficiency!

When your Crypton is running low on Energy, tap on the [+] button to shop for Energy recovery items.

Press the button to shop for Energy items

Recovery items are purchased by Coinks


The word Gran Ton Rismo is inspired by 'Gran Turismo' racing in Italia. In Gran Turismo, drivers race sport cars around purpose-built circuits, and closed street circuits, while in Gran Ton Rismo, Gryptons race against others.


Gran Ton Rismo (aka Crypton Racing)

Each race has a qualifying period with a “Finals” at the end. In order to automatically advance to the finals, Crypton must place in the Top 6 of a race’s final rankings.

Select the icons to view the 'Finals' list

While both qualifiers and finals have rewards, the finals are where Crypton will have a chance to win special types of rewards called EX Legacies.

Finals are where Crypton will have a chance to win EX Legacies

Cryptons are automatically put into league races that match with their current assigned league.

League Races

Only Crytons who meet certain entry requirements can participate in Event Races.

Only Eggtons under 9 years and 11 months old can attend Meet Lover's Cup

Joining your first race

To participate in a race, select your desired race in the list, then 'Select Crypton' you wish to race with and head off to the races!

Click on 'Select Crypton' to participate in your preferred race

It's recommended to try your League Races or a Practice Race first.

Join a practice race first to train

Practice races cost no Energy and your Crypton will not age when joining one.

Race courses

Races are formed by four large areas. Each having the possibility to have a variety of obstacles. Cryptons will also pick up their pace during certain areas based on their personality type.

Cheering on your Crypton

While watching your Cryptons race, owners can encourage them by cheering during key moments to help them overcome obstacles or give them small boosts. Click on the 'Cheer' button to start Cheering.

Press the button to cheer for your Crypton

Winning races

Though it's not a 100% guarantee, you can consider these following points to help your Cryptons win in races.

  • Put efforts on training your Crypton to raise its stats to a more competitive level.

  • Try using powerful skills or skills with a high Skill Fire Rate to give your Crypton an upper hand.

  • Examine the race's obstacles and pick a Crypton that matches well against them.

  • Cheer on your Crypton to help it in critical moments.

  • Check out a race's ranking to see what type of Cryptons are winning at the moment.


Wager Races are special races where you can pop some champagne, watch the race from the VIP lounge and bet Coinks on the racer(s) while feeling like P.Diddy.

Even though you and your Cryptons cannot participate directly in these races, it's legal to check out the racers and place bets on your favorites. Wager Races are usually held daily.

Apart from wager races, you may also place bets on race finals from each race type (League, Season, Monthly, etc). These types of races will be available for betting once their respective qualifiers are over.

Head over to the 'Wager Center', then simply choose a race that is in 'Current' status to begin placing your bets!

Wager Center

It's always worth checking on the racers' stats, racing history, and course info to decide who to place a wager! Select the numbers at the top to view racers' profiles.

The overall 'Win Odds' and 'Exacta Odds' for the race as well as the course info can either be viewed from here.

Racer's profile

After checking, you can purchase a wager ticket by clicking on the 'Purchase Ticket' button.

Mark the Crypton you wish to bet by its number in the WIN bet.

WIN Ticket

Select the amount of Coinks you wish to wager. Fill in your main wager in the Upper 'Wager Chips' box. Filling in more than one box will add those together (10 & 20 = 30).

The lower 'Unit' box is where to select what unit you will apply for your Wager Chips (hundreds, thousands or ten thousands). Your Wager Chips will be multiplied by this unit. Check the examples below:

Ex.1: Wager Chips: 10 & Unit: 100s = 10 * 100 = 1000 Wager Chips

Ex.2: Wager Chips: 10 + 5 & Unit: 100s = 15 * 100 = 1500 Wager Chips

Wager Chips can be obtained via Login Bonuses, Races, and Wager Center.

Players can exchange their hard-earned Wager Chips for Coinks and unique items. Currently, 10,000 Wager Chips = 1,000 Coinks.

Players can use Wagner Chips to purchase Coinks and items

Once you complete the above data, confirm your Wager ticket to purchase.

Your bet has been placed!

To place an EXACTA bet, follow the exact steps on making a Win bet, instead you will need to mark your 1st place pick and your 2nd place pick at once. Keep in mind that you cannot choose the same Crypton for both 1st and 2nd place.

Pick the two different Crytons you think will come in 1st and 2nd to make an Exacta bet


High Fire Rate

Skill Fire Rate of a Crypton will be passed on to its offspring. The higher Fire Rate associated with the quicker Cooltime the parent obtain, the better chance their offspring will inherit high Skill Fire Rate.

Skill Fire Rate determines the likelihood of a Crypton's skills to occur, which will play a large role in who wins and loses races. A Crypton with higher Skill Fire Rate has more chance to release their skills during a race than the lower counterpart.

According to these matters, Cryptons with higher Skill Fire Rates are considered worthier than others with lower rates.

High Skill Fire Rate: 100%

Glorious Legacy

Similar to Skill Fire Rate, Legacies can be passed on from the parent to their child. Legacies are what a Crypton earns as a result of its racing history. The more races you win, the more glorious your legacy becomes.

EX Legacies

As being explained in the previous session, Legacy boosts one of the parameters (Speed, Stamina, Power and Skill Fire Rate) which will make a Crypton more powerful than rivals in the race. It even strengthens stats that have maxed out!

Low generation

Lower-generation Cryptons come with faster Cooltimes, which allows you to create several offspring during their lifetime. However, Cooltime will become longer after each breeding session.

Only Gen 0 Cryptons inherently have star dashes to boost them at the very beginning of a race, while it barely happens to higher-generation counterpart.

Gen 0 Cryptons were naturally born with Star Dashes


Beautiful accessories not only make your Cryptons look unique, but also boost them in races with special skills. It's not common to find a Crypton with full accessories from head to toe.

A Crypton with Head and Foot Accessories could be sold up to 9 ETH

Special and Unique Crypton

Cryptons under these types will inherit special to extremely uncommon traits upon their body. These Crytons also own special skills regardless of any accessories.

Only a certain number of Special and Unique Cryptons will be released in a limited time by the game publisher on special occasions. These Cryptons have a unique appearance and can only be found in the HB Marketplace or the Crypt-oink's User Shop.

Special Cryptons can be created through breeding if either of its parents is a unique crypton.

Golden Pig is a Special and was sold for 10 ETH

Unique Cryptons cannot be created through breeding. However, exception still happens if you're lucky enough.

Thoroughbreds is a Unique and was sold for 2 ETH

Hidden Trait

When breeding, your new Crypton will be born with the genetic traits of their parents and, given some good luck, might even appear hidden traits that have never been discovered before. Collectors would love them!

This user has discovered a new type of Head Accs, Afrolicious

Good luck!

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